Comic-Con: Lionsgate Touts ‘Catching Fire’ And ‘I, Frankenstein’

Ross Lincoln is contributing to Deadline’s Comic-Con coverage

The portion of today’s Lionsgate panel devoted to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, was dominated by the legions of seriously devoted fans who turned out in force in Hall H for a glimpse of the latest film in the series. They weren’t disappointed: the studio unveiled the first trailer for the sequel, which premieres November 22.

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Star Jennifer Lawrence — on the panel with returning cast members Willow Shields, Josh Hutchinson, Lenny Kravitz and Liam Hemsworth, new cast Jenna Malone and Jeffrey Wright, and director Francis Lawrence — did reveal something not seen in the trailer (maybe thankfully): a huge trail of snot. When asked by a fan how hot the film’s kissing scenes will be, Lawrence said: “We did this scene, a resuscitation [which transitions to] a kiss. Lots of slobber, there was this huge string of snot, and when I got to kiss Josh [Hutcherson, who plays Peeta] it connects to his mouth.” Any question of whether Catching Fire will going be a hit should be considered answered by the fact this disgusting trivium was met with laughter, cheers and even a couple of stray “awwws” from the crowd. The gross factor shouldn’t sway the box office much — the book series has sold 26 million copies and the first Hunger Games film grossed $691 million at the box office.

Earlier, the panel focused on Lionsgate’s upcoming Mary Shelly reimagining I, Frankenstein, which will be released January 24, 2014. Stars Aaron Eckhart and Yvonne Strahovski, writer Kevin Grevioux and director Stuart Beattie discussed the film’s take on the character, with Beattie insisting that “it’s very much Mary Shelly’s character but it’s updated in a modern context to see it in a whole new light.” That was obvious from the sizzle reel trailer shown off during the discussion: Ekhart is depicted as a Frankenstein’s monster who fights supernatural threats using a combination of Filipino stick fighting martial arts styles. Produced by the team that also made the Underworld series, it’s aiming for the same audience. It’s not remotely faithful to Shelly, but as Beattie said in response to a fan’s question about his appearance, “there’s only so much you can do to make Aaron Eckhart ugly.”

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