Reports: Asiana Airlines To Sue KTVU Over Racist Newscast Gaffe

Asiana Airlines has confirmed it plans to sue local San Francisco Fox affiliate KTVU after the channel erroneously identified the pilots in the July 6 SFO crash by four racist prank names. According to media reports, Asiana said today in Seoul that KTVU “seriously damaged” the carrier’s reputation with the report on its noon broadcast last Friday. Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyo Min said the airline is taking the “strong steps” to sue KTVU because the report was racially discriminating. KTVU issued an apology on the newscast and the National Transportation Safety Board also apologized for confirming the fake pilot names to KTVU, citing the handiwork of an overzealous summer intern. Per the Associated Press, Asiana has chosen not to sue the NTSB because it said it was the station’s report, not the agency, that damaged the airline’s reputation.

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