Let's Deal With Latest Bunch Of Rumors

That published report claiming CAA partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane “may file a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Michael Ovitz — charging that, among other things, he hired infamous private eye Anthony Pellicano to spy on them” is bullshit. Seriously, you’d have to know nothing about Hollywood to think anyone at CAA would go to court over that, even though it would inconvenience Ovitz a tad.

UPDATE: We all know the HBH part of flackery PMK-HBH has a rich and varied history of lying to journalists. Well, CEO Simon Halls told me this week — and made a point about going on the record about it — that those rumors about layoffs at HIS PR firm are a bunch of hooey. “There are no layoffs and no one has been let go,” Hall stressed. “We’re actually having a really good year even with the bumps, like the strike. In fact, it’s on track to be our best year yet.” But sources are still insisting to me today layoffs are occurring.

(I’ll keep adding to this post as the day — and rumor mill — progresses…)

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