Ryan Seacrest To Host Yet Another Non-Scripted Live Show: NBC’s ‘Million Second Quiz’

The Ryan Seacrest Overexposure March continues, with the press in hot pursuit. His latest pit stop: Seacrest is this close to signing a deal to host NBC’s new reality series Million Second Quiz. To recap: Seacrest is already host of Fox’s American Idol, a daily Clear Channel radio show, ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. He’s also the face of E!’s trophy-show coverage, and is the Kardashian family’s exec producer of choice. In a major image booster, he signed a big two-year deal with Comcast in which its NBC network put him to work special-corresponding for Today, contributing to the network’s primetime news programming and to its Olympics coverage. You or I might argue that hosting a new reality competition/social experiment in which players test their “knowledge” and endurance over 12 consecutive days and nights while shacked up in an hourglass-shaped structure in Manhattan is off-brand for The Man Who Would Replace Matt Lauer. But, Seacrest’s own personal idol was Dick Clark, who hardly ever turned down an opportunity to host a non-scripted TV show. Heck, NBC tried to ease Clark out of hosting his own TV Blooper and Practical Jokes years back, feeling the franchise would benefit from a younger host, only Clark declined to comply. NBC, meanwhile, is always looking for opportunities to put American Idol faces on its entertainment programs: Katharine McPhee on Smash, Jennifer Hudson on Smash, Clay Aiken on The Apprentice. It’s not news when Seacrest is this close to signing a deal to host NBC’s tacky-ish competition-in-a-glass-house show – it’s news if he turns it down.

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