Turner Entertainment Networks Ups Branding Guru Jennifer Dorian

Jennifer Dorian has been upped to chief strategy officer for Turner Entertainment Networks, which means she’s in charge of strategy development for TBS, TNT, truTV and Turner Classic Movies. She’ll report to Turner Entertainment networks president Steve Koonin. Dorian, who had been SVP network strategy and brand development for the Turner Entertainment Nets, cut her teeth as VP of branding for TNT where, in 2001, she led that network’s charge with its “TNT: We Know Drama” campaign.  In Monday’s announcement, Turner noted that branding campaign was a big success for TNT. She followed that up with the “TBS Very Funny” brand launch in ’04 and the rebranding of Court TV as truTV. And the company credits her with the exploration of brand extension into new arenas – such as TCM’s Classic Film Festival.

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