‘The Simpsons’ Car Jumps From Screen To Racetrack — But Can It Do Donuts?

OK, Simpsons fans, remember that one where Homer finds out he has a half-brother? Said relative Herb (unmistakably voiced by Danny DeVito) runs a car company in Detroit and asks Homer to design a vehicle for the average American. Result: The Homer, a monstrosity in every way, including its $82,000 sticker price. It never got past the drawing board, until now. The guys at Porcubimmer Motors built a Homer — “in a home garage with all the wrong tools,” they say — and raced it this weekend in the 24 Hours of LeMons north of Bakersfield. More than 150 cars started in triple-degree weather, and the Simpsons-mobile finished fifth, according to Porcubimmer’s Facebook page, also taking the race’s trophy for best theme. (Deadline was unable to verify whether the DIY crew celebrated with ice-cold bottles of Duff Adequate.) Here’s a look at the Homer:

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