CAA Clarifies What Kevin Huvane Said…

CAA has shown me the Pellicano trial transcript from Wednesday’s testimony by partner caa.bmpKevin Huvane which serves to clarify why he used the old CAA building as the residential address for his driver’s license. (See my previous, Pellicano Trial: CAA Partners Say Nothing.) So, in the interest of fairness and accuracy, I’m printing this info where Huvane elaborates. Here, Huvane was shown Exhibit 161, the printout of a law enforcement database search made about him with info about his DMV license:

Q. Underneath that it says, “Residence address as of 1-31-1996”. Is that your residential address?

Huvane: That’s the address that we used for all mailing purposes.

Q. And what address is that?

Huvane: That’s the old CAA building address.

Q. Okay. Why did you use the old CAA building as your DMV address?

Huvane: because you never want to give your home address. You know, we have clients who have problems with security, with people looking up who their agents are, things coming inappropriately to your house, so we wanted everything to be straight to the office.

Q. So for security purposes, even on your license, you used your business address?

Huvane: Yes.

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