EMMYS: 10 Dramas Pick Best Episodes

Drama series producers are busy selecting their best episodes for 2013 Emmy consideration. Deadline contributor Diane Haithman asked producers of 10 top dramas to talk about one special episode they are planning to highlight this year.

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In no particular order:

HOMELAND (Showtime)
Episode title: “Q&A”

Story Line: Brody is in custody. Peter Quinn interrogates him. Time is of the essence — the truth must be extracted before Nazir discovers Brody is missing. During questioning Quinn stabs Brody’s hand with a knife. After the hand is bandaged, Carrie takes over the questioning. In an intense session, Brody reveals the truth about his involvement with Nazir and Carrie confesses her love for Brody. Carrie persuades Brody to change his stripes and cooperate with the CIA.

Says Alex Gansa, showrunner and co-creator of last year’s winner for drama series: “We’re still working on our Emmy submission list, but for me, [writer] Henry Bromell’s episode ‘Q&A’ is the heart of Season 2. It’s the episode where Carrie has to turn Brody, to deprogram him. They’re in a windowless room together, hashing out the truth. The interrogation was originally written as three separate sequences, but Henry, the actors and director Lesli Linka Glatter decided to shoot it as one continuous scene. The first take lasted 26 minutes. It became this chamber piece. A play”. Bromell died in March. (more…)

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