UPDATE: Jon Stewart Skype Appearance Gooses ‘Daily Show’ Ratings: Video

UPDATE, 3:33 PM: The Daily Show got a much-needed goose in its ratings with host Jon Stewart’s Skype appearance last night. More than 1.5 million tuned inthe show’s biggest crowd since June 10, which was the day the show’s Senior British Correspondent John Oliver jumped in to keep the anchor chair warm while Stewart went off to film his flick Rosewater. In between, Daily Show has dipped as low as 908,000 viewers, and as low as 202,000 viewers in the 18-34 demo who are the crack of Madison Avenue. “You’re doing an incredible job,” Stewart told Oliver during his cameo.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY AM: Has Jon Stewart been hanging out with Edward Snowden in an underground bunker while he’s on hiatus from The Daily Show? Find out below in the video of Stewart’s Skype chat with John Oliver from Thursday night. The Daily Show got a mini-spike in viewership the first night correspondent John Oliver took over for Jon Stewart while the show’s longtime host directs a movie. Expect another bump tonight when Stewart links up with Oliver via Skype. Stewart is taking the summer off from Comedy Central‘s late-night stalwart while working on his feature directorial debut, the geopolitical thriller Rosewater. Oliver will man the desk until Stewart returns after Labor Day.

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