Bruno Wu Launches Chinese-Language Film Producer/Distributor Seven Stars Constellation

Chinese media entrepreneur Bruno Wu has established a series of joint ventures with global partners including Justin Lin, Avi Arad and Pinewood Studios over the past 16 months. Today, he’s announcing the creation of Seven Stars Constellation Film Company which will focus on titles for the domestic Chinese market. The company will produce local-language films as well as act as theatrical distributor for Wu’s non-Chinese pics. When I sat down with Wu in May, he told me that there needed to be a redefinition of Chinese films in order for them to break out of their home market. “I don’t believe Chinese movies should only have Chinese cast and talents shooting it with a Chinese story. Hollywood is a symbol of global movies, it’s not just American movies. It’s become a platform and a melting pot; it’s for all the talents and capital from all over the globe. Therefore I’m trying a new route for the Chinese movie.” Under the new Constellation banner, Wu is partnering with Joyful Film, led by Liu Yiwei who was involved in recent Chinese box office winners Lost In Thailand and Finding Mr. Right. Here’s the full release: (more…)

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