Michael Eisner Loves Jet Blue. Seriously.

OK, I’ve heard the stories about how cheap Michael Eisner is. How he asks for change back when he slips a fiver to the valet parking attendant. And so on, ad nauseum. Still, it came as a huge surprise to me when TMZ.com, the Internet gossip site, reported that the ex-Disney honcho and wife Jane flew Jet Blue from LA’s Burbank Airport to NYC yesterday. But now I’m told that Eisner, even though he’s worth a cool half-billion dollars easy, loves Jet Blue and flies it all the time because he considers it safe and efficient. Frankly, I just don’t get this; not when he can afford to timeshare a Gulfstream or at least fly commercial First Class. (Tip to Mikey: if you want to save $$$, then fly United’s LAX-JFK Business Class Premium Service, which is nicer than first class and offers amazing legroom and edible food.) Could it be that Eisner is either a Jet Blue shareholder, or channelling cheapskate investor Warren Buffett, or angling for an endorsement contract? One thing I do know: Eisner was not heading to tape his no-rated talk show for CNBC, for which GE Travel routinely books all NBC worker bees on the lowest-priced flights available. Even so, talent usually negotiates first class into their contracts. According to the report, Eisner and his wife showed up at Burbank Airport and bided their time in the terminal with iced coffees, which Eisner fetched himself. Then they boarded with everyone else and settled in 12th row seats. Next: the couple lining up for Barney’s Santa Monica airport hangar sales?

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