Pellicano Trial: CAA Partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane May Testify Wednesday

The government may ask them to testify Wednesday or Thursday at the latest at the court proceedings inside the Roybal federal building. CAA partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane were mentioned in Footnote #11 of the government’s trial memo on the Pellicano case because “recovered from Pellicano’s computers were scanned computer printouts of DMV and criminal history information for Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane bearing [LAPD Sgt Mark Arneson’s name and a date of August 10th, 2001, which comports with the date when Arneson conducted database inquiries on these individuals”. No context was provided. But Lourd and Huvane were clearly victims and this is why: their CAA issued an “it’s Ovitz or us” ultimatum to Hollywood in 1999 after Michael Ovitz broke his promise not to raid the talent agency he co-founded and instead signed away Robin Williams and seven other actors and directors to his newly started management company AMG. Ovitz is mentioned in the feds’ trial memo as having hired Pellicano to investigate frenemies.

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