CNN’s ‘New Day’ Snags 302,000 Viewers On Average In Week 1

In its first week on CNN, New Day averaged 302,000 viewers, which is up compared to same week last year — when CNN was suffering record lows. But compared to CNN’s performance in the early-morning time period in May 2013, the show is down by 37% in the 25-54 demo and 20% in viewers of all ages (379,000). Compared to the calendar year to date, it’s down 16% in the demo, and virtually flat in total viewers (306,000). The same week as New Day snagged 302,000 viewers, Fox News’ Fox & Friends notched 1.099 million viewers and MSNBC’s Morning Joe nabbed 322,000. CNN chief Jeff Zucker has said he’d consider the new CNN morning program — which stars ABC News expat Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan — a success if it beat the network’s previous programming ratings in the slot, which is kinda damning with faint praise.

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