Management 360 Signs Magician Dynamo, An Inspiration For ‘Now You See Me’

EXCLUSIVE: Management 360 has just signed Dynamo, the most popular magician in the UK. The company says he was an inspiration for Dave Franco’s Jack Wilder character in the hit film Now You See Me, and Management 360 will try to make sure a lot more people see Dynamo: they will look to set up a U.S. television show. Dynamo currently has a hit show in the UK called Magician Impossible. Management 360 will look to get him involved in live tours and potentially film along with the TV effort. Dynamo blends large-scale illusions with incredible sleight of hand and innovative street magic. Some of his illusions include walking on water across the River Thames in London, as well as scaling the side of the LA Times building downtown. He continues to be repped out of the UK by Dan Albion of Inner Circle Films. Here is a look at what he does:

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