MPAA Endorses Administration’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Plan

UPDATE, 6:11 PM: SAG-AFTRA has released a statement saying it “commends the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator and the Administration” for their continued efforts to combat piracy. You can read the complete statement at the bottom of the post.

PREVIOUS: The White House says that it will help tech companies, studios and others to come up with voluntary initiatives to fight piracy, part of a broader effort to attack the problem in the Joint Strategic Plan On Intellectual Property Enforcement out today. That’s far less than Hollywood wanted last year when it lobbied Congress to pass tough anti piracy legislation. But having lost that fight, MPAA chief Chris Dodd says today that he welcomes Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel’s initiatives. “We share with this Administration a commitment to promoting and protecting American intellectual property by opening new markets to US Products, educating the public about both the value of IP industries and the damage done by theft from those industries and encouraging voluntary best practices among private sector companies that have key responsibilities in the internet landscape.” The White House plan also calls for efforts to improve transparency in policy making, assess the economic impact of “intellectual property-intensive industries,” educate authors about the “fair use” doctrine, and consider the establishment of a copyright and patent “small claims” court. The MPAA says that intellectual property industries accounted for about 34.8% of the gross domestic product and “there is much more to be done to ensure an environment in which American creativity and innovation can truly flourish.” SAG-AFTRA released a statement late today in response to the plan.

SAG-AFTRA commends the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator and the Administration for their continued support of innovation, ingenuity and creativity, for their focus on the importance of American intellectual property as an economic force, and for their continued efforts to combat intellectual property infringement.

The work of SAG-AFTRA members makes possible the films, television programs, radio broadcasts, sound recordings and new media productions that are enjoyed by billions of people around the world and represent our nation’s most recognizable export. It is one of the few industries where we have a trade surplus. America’s greatest strength is our creativity and innovative spirit, and those strengths, personified in our membership, must be cultivated and supported by the U.S. Government. We are encouraged by the release of the 2013 Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement and we look forward to working with all intellectual property stakeholders to ensure America’s continued leadership in this pivotal area of growth.”

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