ReelzChannel Cancels ‘The Big Picture’ After One Taping Amid Set Friction, “Bad Chemistry”

EXCLUSIVE: All it took was a single taping for ReelzChannel to pull the plug on its new weekly series The Big Picture. The entertainment talk show co-hosted by So You Think You Can Dance and Good Day LA alum Lauren Sanchez and ex-Telemundo host Alex Cambert filmed June 13 at the network’s studio in Albuquerque. But things went so disastrously that execs were talking cancellation by Friday. They made the decision final on Monday. “It just didn’t play well,” Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard told Deadline. “We had high hopes for it.” An inside source blames co-host Cambert for causing on-set friction. According to Hubbard, there was indeed “bad chemistry” on set in what he describes as “not a good team effort.” Both Cambert and Sanchez were exec producers on the show. While Reelz’s working relationship with the duo is officially over, Hubbard thinks Sanchez will resurface on the network on another project. “She is a treat to work with, and I’m sure we’ll find something to do with her in the future,” he said. Reelz, meanwhile, is focusing on its new Beverly Hills Pawn series and the premiere of November’s docu JFK: The Smoking Gun.

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