Greek Broadcaster ERT Gets Temporary Reprieve; Government Weakened By Crisis

Greece’s Council of State has ruled that while the government had the right to shutter public broadcaster ERT, its signal must be restored until a restructured service is established. After meeting with coalition partners on Monday, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras arranged for a new round of talks on Wednesday to discuss putting a temporary version of ERT back on air. In what’s been seen as an attempt to appease Greece’s creditors by slashing more than 2,500 public service jobs, Samaras ordered ERT to cease broadcasting last Tuesday. That set off protests and nationwide strikes, although ERT journalists continued to stream news over the Internet. The Council of State’s ruling went some way towards appeasing ERT workers who applauded the decision which was also welcomed by the European Broadcasting Union. But a question remains over the impact the brouhaha will have on Samaras’ fragile coalition government. (more…)

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