HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ Slammed By Fox News As “Liberal Fantasy”: Video

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Well, a new trailer for the upcoming second season of HBO’s The Newsroom certainly got a reaction on Fox News Channel. The cable news network’s The Five lambasted the Aaron Sorkin show today as a “liberal fantasy.” While admitting that he liked The Social Network pic that Sorkin wrote, co-host Greg Gutfeld went after Newsroom for how he saw its depiction of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movement. “So Hollywood gets everything wrong again. If Newsroom covered Roman Polanski’s crimes, they’d change the 13-year-old girl to 13-year-old Scotch,” said Gutfeld about the Sorkin series and Tinseltown. Last season, Newsroom called the Tea Party the “American Taliban.” Sorkin has said that Season 2 of the fictional cable news show will address that issue further as well as deal with the 2012 Presidential election. Check out the clip from The Five today here:

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