Caliber Media & New Artists Alliance To Produce Turf War Pic ‘Chuck Hank & The San Diego Twins’

Caliber Media and New Artists Alliance have signed on to help finance and produce Chuck Hank And The San Diego Twins from Coatwolf Productions. Coatwolf, who were behind the 2011 Sundance film Bellflower, initially sought $60,000 via crowdfunding on Indiegogo for the project. They ended up more than doubling their ask and raising $129,000 for the pic. That response prompted Caliber and New Artists Alliance to jump in and supplement the production with additional financing. CAA will rep the action film’s domestic distribution rights. Jonathan Keevil is attached to direct and produce from his own script. Chuck Hank And The San Diego Twins centers on a turf war that has been raging for generations in the fictional seaside community of Oldtown. On one side is the Syndicate gang of misfits who have been trying to muscle the San Diego family out of land they own in the center of town. On the other side is twin brothers Tony and Johnny and their sister Salsa. Most of their family were killed in the turf wars and now the Syndicate wants to get rid of the remaining members of the family to take over Oldtown for good. Keevil and Tyler Dawson star as the twins and Evan Glodell will portray twins’ best friend Chuck Hank. Glodell, Vincent Grashaw and Chelsea St. John will produce for Coatwolf alongside Gabriel Cowan and John Suits of New Artists Alliance. Caliber Media’s Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller will executive produce.  The film is slated for production late this summer in Ventura and L.A.

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