Lindsay Lohan To Serve 90 Days In Jail

lindsay-lohanNormally, Deadline doesn’t cover the personal lives of Hollywood types, except under circumstances which affect their professional lives. But the Lindsay Lohan saga is worth mentioning because it gets sadder and sadder since she was a once-promising young actress. Lohan was sentenced today by a judge in Beverly Hills to 90 days in jail. (She violated a probation requirement after neglecting to attend alcohol education classes from a 2007 offense.) Lohan seemed headed for such big things after Mean Girls, and once had a quote of $7.5 million for Georgia Rule. Morgan Creek’s James Robinson, after paying her that big salary, had a right to publicly berate her for being unreliable and more interested in partying than showing up for work on  the film, which bombed. Now it’s gotten to the point where Lohan’s ankle alcohol monitor is a fashion accessory. Lohan is only 24, so there’s still time for her to take sobriety and acting seriously.

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