Why Was Ex-Soft Porn Filmmaker Recently Hired As Movie Academy Senior Executive?

EXCLUSIVE: There was no press release announcing his hiring this February. And his official bio doesn’t mention his VHS titles like Playboy: The Best of Anna Nicole Smith. But it’s certainly surprising that Vicangelo Bulluck who’s currently the Managing Director for the new position of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives at the prestigious Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences used to be a soft porn producer, director, and writer. It’s especially shocking to the various Academy Governors with whom I spoke and who told me they didn’t know anything about his background. His AMPAS hiring coincided with the Academy’s big push spearheaded by CEO Dawn Hudson to focus more on diversity inside and outside the organization and for membership. AMPAS could not provide me with a description of Bulluck’s current job but he is listed high up on the roster of Academy administration in 6th place of importance. An AMPAS executive who asked not to be identified insisted to me that Bulluck’s soft porn past did not come as a surprise to the Academy and said, “We knew this when he was hired. It absolutely gave people pause. But he had enough recent references and great relationships. Besides, he was doing that producing 20 years ago. He was a struggling filmmaker.”

But I’ve learned from insiders that Bulluck prominently displayed his previous non-profit job as Executive Director of the Hollywood Bureau of the NAACP on the impressive resume he submitted to the Academy at the NAACP, but he deliberately left off his 10-year soft porn credits. “And when concerned female employees brought this issue to management, they confronted him,” a source tells me. “He said, ‘If it was OK with the NAACP, I thought it’d be OK with you.’ Did he get fired for withholding info on his resume? No. Now there’s a porn producer at the Academy!” I’m told that, when Kimberly Congdon, the Managing Director of Human Resources at AMPAS, was asked why she didn’t simply search IMDB for Bulluck’s credits before he was hired, she replied, “What’s the IMDB?”

Indeed, a search of IMDB for Bulluck’s credits show a prolific list of soft porn VHS titles ranging in dates from 1992 through 2000 and including Playboy: Sisters, Playboy: The Best of Anna Nicole Smith, Playboy: The Best of Jenny McCarthy, Playboy: The Best of Pamela AndersonPlayboy Girls of Radio: Talk, Rock and Shock, Playboy: Fabulous Forties, Playboy: Women of Color and Playboy’s Playmate Bloopers. There’s also a director credit for a 1996 Playboy Home Video sexploitation film called Jane Street. Bulluck by all accounts was good at his craft: (more…)

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