Meet Newest Mailroom Trainee: Sam Grey

Every summer, Hollywood offices fill up with the sons and daughters and nephews and nieces of the entertainment industry’s major players. I’ve learned that Management 360 has just made a new hire right out of Brown for an entry-level position: Sam Grey, the son of Paramount chief Brad Grey. “He had an informational meeting with one of our managers who thought he was fantastic,” Management 360 tells me. “We offered him a mailroom trainee position this past week, and he has accepted. Sam starts with us in early August, and we’re looking forward to having him with us as we think he will have a bright future.” Insiders claim Sam pursued this opportunity with 360 “on his own”, and “at no point did Brad call anyone at 360 on his behalf. He was hired on his own merits — and not by virtue of his last name — based upon his academic credentials, his overall demeanor, and his knowledge of film and filmmakers. We had a great chat about Preston Sturges, and it’s shocking how few young people wanting to get into the business are familiar with filmmakers pre-1980!”

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