Non-Shocker! Jason Blum Tweets There Will Be More ‘Purge’-ing At Universal

Here is something that surprises no one. Jason Blum has tweeted they will develop a sequel to The Purge, the $3 million Universal Pictures and Blumhouse film that grossed over $34 million and stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. Sequel-ization seems self evident when a movie with that paltry a budget outgrosses the big-ticket summer competition at the weekend box office. The sequel also was somewhat telegraphed when it was named as a winner of the California Tax Credit Production Lottery. Blum has the enviable distinction of having four price-conscious franchises, the others being Paranormal activity, Insidious and Sinster. Pretty remarkable. Here’s the tweet:

Blumhouse ‏@blumhouse

The Purge 2 is in development @UniversalHorror #ThePurge

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