CAA Inks Scribe Matthew Michael Carnahan

EXCLUSIVE: CAA just signed Matthew Michael Carnahan, the main writer who adapted the Max Brooks novel World War Z, the upcoming Marc Forster-directed thriller that stars Brad Pitt and a helluva lot of zombies (and subsequent scribes). He also scripted The Snowman, an adaptation of the Jo Nesbo novel that Martin Scorsese is producing for Working Title. He previously scripted the screen adaptation of the classic British miniseries State Of Play, The Kingdom, and Lions For Lambs. Carnahan left WME, the latest in rather bruising poaching battles between those agencies. Carnahan is currently rewriting Code Name Sasha for New Regency and soon will show bro Joe Carnahan that he’s not the only helmer in the Carnahan clan when he makes his directing debut with his script Violent Talent, with Garrett Hedlund attached to star. WME and CAA are representing the film’s distribution rights (awkward). Carnahan is still lawyered by Stuart Rosenthal at Bloom Hergott.

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