Was Disney Presenting For E3 Or CinemaCon Sunday Night?

David Bloom is a Deadline contributor.

It was a reasonable question after Disney showed 37 minutes of its upcoming Pixar animated film Monsters University and about 15 minutes of its Jerry Bruckheimer-produced The Lone Ranger Sunday night at the big Regal theater by the Los Angeles Convention Center, introduced in part by Disney President of Production Sean Bailey.

That said, on the eve of the massive Electronic Entertainment Expo, the company did talk a fair amount about Disney Infinity, the game platform debuting in August that uses miniature figurines of Disney characters to activate virtual game experiences on all the major game machines. The new platform is basically a cross between two popular games: Skylanders, which uses a similar figurine-based hybrid approach, and Minecraft, which lets users build their own virtual worlds. The difference is these game worlds will be stuffed with Disney characters.

For the first time Disney is letting its characters from one movie universe play in family-friendly games set in other worlds, such as having Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of The Caribbean race a horse in The Lone Ranger or have a toilet-paper “shootout” in the “Monsters” world. Players also can mix and match movie universes and characters to build their own game experiences. The player-created worlds can be uploaded to Disney, which will “curate” the best of them for download by other players. (more…)

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