Shootings Near KCRW’s Santa Monica College Studios; 5 Confirmed Dead, Shooter Identified

UPDATE: A fifth victim was confirmed dead Sunday as police ID’d John Samir Zawahri, 23, as the gunman in Friday’s Santa Monica shootings.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY 4:26 PM: KCRW is back on the air after police evacuated its Santa Monica College studios following a series of shootings on and around the campus. The NPR station had been airing a CBS Radio feed. KCRW now is broadcasting from NPR West in Culver City. Santa Monica police say “as many as half a dozen victims were shot and killed and several more were injured” and that police killed the suspect inside the SMC library. Another “person of interest is in custody.”

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY 3:25 PM: Shootings at and around Santa Monica College, where the NPR outlet is housed, have left three people dead and five wounded. Two bodies were found in a house near the campus that had been set on fire, and a third shooting victim died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where another gunshot victim remains in “very critical condition”. The gunman apparently fired at motorists and tried to carjack a couple of vehicles as he made his way toward the college. Police say the suspect is “down.” CNN is broadcasting live from the scene.

PREVIOUS: It’s thought that three people were wounded but fortunately no deaths. The NPR station has long been located on the Santa Monica College campus. The alleged gunman was caught by police and a search is underway to see if any other suspects were involved. Though apparently unrelated, the shootings took place just a few miles from the DNC fundraisers hosted by Hollywood mogul Peter Chernin attended by President Obama. News media helicopters are unable to cover the crime area because it’s a no-fly zone resulting from the presidential trip.

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