Cablevision Investor Presentation Disrupted By Union Protests

“This will never end, do you understand that?” said one of at least three people who apparently represented the Communications Workers of America and derailed an interview today with Cablevision CFO Gregg Seibert at the Nomura U.S. Media and Telecom Summit. The audio stream of the session was cut off after two protesters were ejected and a third interrupted the proceedings. “Greedy people like yourself and like the owner of Cablevision James Dolan refuse to give workers a fair contract,” the first  said. The scene follows last week’s similar interruption of the Cablevision annual shareholders meeting: Police were called in to eject the CWA supporters. The union says that Cablevision illegally sacked 22 staffers who elected to join the union. The company and union also have spent more than a year disputing terms of a contract. That fight is now before the National Labor Relations Board. Seibert initially tried to joke through the protest: “This is just a brief sample we arranged today so you can see what we’re dealing with in terms of the Communications Workers of America. My apologies for that interruption.”

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