‘The League’s Jon Lajoie Taps Into Inventive Use Of Kickstarter Funding

Jon Lajoie, one of the leads of the FX series The League, becomes the latest celebrity to try and exploit his fan base by using Kickstarter to empower a passion project. Only here, the passion project is Lajoie’s personal bank account. Now, even though this is played for laughs, and despite all the coverage we’ve done for the Kickstarter-empowered Zach Braff and the Veronica Mars movie projects, Jon encapsulates pretty much how I still feel about millionaires tapping the unwashed masses to kick in funding that will underwrite projects these people couldn’t coin in the traditional way. These are projects that will possibly make the rich even richer, while donors get tchotchkes of negligible value, with no chance to share in the financial upside. Have I become Grumpy Cat (whose movie will be financed the traditional way) or does my cynicism here have value?

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