Clashing Buyer Screenings Causing Chaos?

Ah, Cannes got off to such a nice, sunny start. But the skies opened up this evening with rain and thunder, and buyers tomorrow morning are going to have to deal with the clash of two high priority acquisition titles that are screening at the same time. At 10 AM Thursday, Pathe will show seven minutes of footage from the Stephen Frears-directed Philomena, the film that stars Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. It’s the true story of an Irish woman who searches for the illegitimate son she gave up for adoption in the U.S. That screening will be held at Arcades 2.

Starting at exactly the same moment, Embankment Films has a private screening of Diana, the Oliver Hirschbiegel-directed Diana, with Naomi Watts and Naveen Andrews starring in the chronicle of Princess Diana’s romance with a Pakistani surgeon just before her death. That one’s being held at the Olympia 1. I’d heard rumors that some might have seen this film before they left LA for Cannes, but buyers aren’t happy. They will have to split their acquisition teams and nobody likes to bid without a proper consensus. You can’t see both, especially if you are battling the pouring rain.

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