Petition Drive Leaders Have Met With SAG

Now that the writers strike is truly behind Hollywood, I’m turning my attention as much as possible to the actors’ upcoming contract negotiations with Hollywood CEOs. Already, Variety is using its Page One bully pulpit to pressure SAG leadership to begin talks with the moguls because the studios are “refusing” to schedule new start dates on films that can’t complete shooting by June 30. (See my previous, Spielberg Delays Start Of ‘Chicago 7’ Due To “Uncertainty Over A SAG Strike”. Variety sure did…) But SAG has some internal business to dispose of, first. And I have news about one issue: that controversial petition drive lobbying the Screen Actors Guild leadership for an earnings threshold requirement for “qualified voting” on the union’s contract issues.

I’ve been told that the leading actors behind the petition drive, including Amy Brenneman and Ned Vaughn, met last week with SAG president Alan Rosenberg about it. I have more comprehensive info about their proposal. And some new and weighty names have been added to the list of signers, including Meryl Streep. The group even has their own gmail account. (For an opposing viewpoint, see Ron Livingston‘s):

From: Amy Brenneman & Ned Vaughn
To: Concerned SAG & AFTRA Members
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008
Subject: UPDATE: Our meeting with SAG leadership.

To our colleagues,

We had a promising and productive meeting with President Rosenberg and NED Doug Allen at SAG offices Wednesday afternoon. There was frank discussion and an open exchange of views; best of all, after hearing our presentation, President Rosenberg agreed that this idea has gained enough traction that it should be considered by the Board in time for the upcoming contract vote.

Your support—over 1000 names and counting—caused the leadership to listen far more intently. Our next task is to convince SAG’s National Board, and that will be our focus. Your support is our greatest asset and must continue to grow. Below is our last letter and updated supporters list—check it for your friends and colleagues and if you don’t see their names, reach out to see if they want to join us.

We are also pursuing this issue with the leadership at AFTRA, so that ALL working performers have an effective voice in the contract decisions that directly impact their lives and livelihoods.

Amy Brenneman & Ned Vaughn

The petition drive says its effort is “to strengthen SAG by giving working performers an effective voice in the upcoming contract negotiation.” In the first two weeks, over 1000 supporters from SAG’s membership added their names to the petition. (SAG has a membership of 120,000,) The group’s goal is to bring this matter to SAG’s board for resolution prior to the TV/Theatrical contract negotiation. “The Board needs to reasonably define ‘affected’ members—those eligible to vote on the contract.” Here is what the petition drive proposes, quoting from an earlier email from Amy Brenneman and Ned Vaughn:

“For TV/Theatrical contract voting, an affected member is any member in good standing who over the previous 2 contract terms (6 years), or total years as member if less than 6 years:

1. Performed an average of 5 days principal work or 15 days background work per year (or an equivalent mix thereof); or

2. Had average residual earnings per year equivalent to 5 principal days at scale; or

3. Is fully vested in the SAG Producers Pension Plan.

We believe this reasonably takes into account the ups and downs of the business for currently working members, and is flexible enough to include members who, while perhaps not currently working, still have a concrete stake in the negotiations.

You may hear this effort criticized as ‘elitist’, but the response from our supporters suggests otherwise. They include many SAG members who wouldn’t vote on some contracts under this structure—but who recognize the power of putting contract decisions in the hands of members who work those contracts. Like a young LA member, who wrote that she ‘would be happy for you to add my name although I definitely count among those not affected’. Or the commercial performer who ‘has not yet worked under SAG’s TV/Theatrical contract, but…completely understand[s] the need for this change’. And a member in Baltimore who says, ‘Way to go. Please sign me up. And even I shouldn’t vote on contracts I don’t work under often enough!’

We hope you will continue to spread the word. We are also reaching out to AFTRA to schedule discussions and will keep you apprised of our progress.

Here are the names who have signed the petition:

Caroline Aaron, Brooke Adams, Hayden Adams, Paul Adelstein, Joanna P. Adler, Charlie Adler, Matt Adler, Ben Affleck, Lori Alan, Shari Albert, Brad Aldous, Jace Alexander, Jason Alexander, Manny Alfaro, Richard Allison, Chris Allport, Ryan Alosio, Bruce Altman, Hira Ambrosino, Steve Amerson, Morgan Ames, Sandy Ames, Kurt David Anderson, Teja Anderson, Jill Andre, David Andriole, Karin Anglin, Floanne Ankah, Nicole Ansari, Christina Applegate, Amy Aquino, Anne Archer, Al Dana Arioli, Adam Arkin, Michael Arkin, Rosanna Arquette, Michelle Arthur, Philip Ashley, Jennifer Aspen, Essence Atkins, Jayne Atkinson, Scott Atkinson, René Auberjonois, John Augustine, Hank Azaria,

James Babbin, Dave Bachman, Conrad Bachmann, Kevin Bacon, Greg Baglia, Jordan Baker, Becky Ann Baker, Dee Bradley Baker, Dylan Baker, Shaun Baker, Bob Balaban, George Ball, Edoardo Ballerini, Talia Balsam, Briel Banks, Adrienne Barbeau, Ted Barbra, Jennifer Barnes, Ken Barnett, Anita Barone, Justin Barrett, Robin Bartlett, Bobbie Bates, Kathy Bates, Brian Baumgartner, Samela Beasom, Graham Beckel, Ed Begley Jr, Peter Beitmayer, Catherine Bell, Ned Bellamy, Jane Beller, Nellie Bellflower, Maria Bello, Nat Benchley, Bob Bergen, Erik Bergmann, Xander Berkeley, Chopper Bernet, Corbin Bernsen, Octavio Gómez Berrios, Kay Bess, Patricia Bethune, Tom Beyer, David Bickford, Jessica Biel, Craig Bierko, Mary Birdsong, Raye Birk, Joshua Biton, Robin Bittman, Lewis Black, Geoffrey Blake, Susan Blakely, Mark Blum, Alan Blumenfeld, Joan Bogden, Heidi Bohay, Chip Bolcik, Patrick Boll, Philip Bosco, Jeff Bottoms, Andrea Bowen, Cameron Bowen, Alex Bowen, Graham Bowen, Jillian Bowen, Tom Bozell, Jim Bracchitta, Eric Bradley, Jim E Brady, John E Brady, Barbara Bragg, Kenneth Branagh, Leanna Brand, Alicia Brandt, Lucia Brawley, Patrick Breen, Peter Breitmayer, Amy Brenneman, Nick Brett, Paget Brewster, Kevin Brief, David Brisbin, Brent Briscoe, Connie Britton, Bill Brochtrup, Ivar Brogger, Sally Brooks, Clancy Brown, Lynne Marie Brown, PJ Brown, Robert Curtis Brown, Brianna Brown, Dylan Bruno, Jon Bruno, Ian Buchanan, Ralph Buckley, Angela Bullock, Will Burke, Kate Burton, Rebeccah Bush, Bill Butler, Ronald R Butler, Ralph Byers, Amick Byram,

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