MRC, Philip K. Dick Estate Settle Spat Over ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ Rights

UPDATE, 6:08 PM: Philip K. Dick’s daughter Laura Leslie issued a statement today about the settlement between her father’s estate and Media Rights Capital. From the sound of it The Adjustment Bureau will not be the last time MRC has a hand in an adaptation of a Dick property. Take a read:

Media Rights Capital (MRC) and the Philip K. Dick Estate have resolved their claims against each other concerning The Adjustment Bureau.  The settlement includes the opportunity to work together on future Philip K. Dick Estate properties.  “The Estate is pleased to continue our relationship with MRC.  MRC’s talent-friendly executives and proven track record of producing high-quality entertainment across multiple platforms make them an ideal partner for us,” said Laura Leslie, Philip K. Dick’s daughter and trustee for the Estate.

PREVIOUSLY, 4:05 PM: EXCLUSIVE: That legal dispute between Media Rights Capital and the Philip K. Dick Estate has been settled over The Adjustment Bureau, the Matt Damon-starrer that George Nolfi wrote and directed. The film was based on the seminal sci-fi author’s short story Adjustment Team, about a man who bristles when he discovers that shadowy men are controlling his destiny. This was one of the more unusual suits to come down the line, with MRC paying some funds to secure the rights, and then finding out the work was in the public domain. Nolfi took out an option a decade earlier on his own, and the estate expected MRC to live up to its conditions once it became the film’s backer. As my colleague Dominic Patten has written, MRC prevailed in getting a dismissal of the original lawsuit and then the late author’s estate followed by filing their latest Adjustment Bureau suit in state court. All of that becomes a pile of legal briefs and lawyer bills, because they’ve settled the situation.

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