Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Sued By Ex-Exec Over Demotion By Goldsmith-Thomas

A former senior producer at Jennifer Lopez‘s Nuyorican Productions is taking the company to court for breach of contract. In a five-claim complaint filed today in LA Superior Court, Brian Schornak is alleging that he was removed from the company’s shows like The Fosters and South Beach Tow and eventually forced out. And Schornak is very specific about who is to blame for that: former manager and producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas who was brought on board Nuyoricann in March but is not a defendant in the lawsuit, however. The complaint (read it here) claims she  accused him of stealing from Nuyorican and relentlessly tried to get rid of him. “Elaine demoted Plaintiff and attempted to push Plaintiff out, or get him to quit,” the complaint claims.  Schornak says he was “compelled” to resign from Nuyorican earlier this year.  In addition to breach of contract, the complaints claims breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, as well as violations of the California labor code.  Schornak is seeking unspecified compensatory, general and special damages in a 3-day jury trial. He is represented by Stephen Kernan of Santa Monica’s Kernan Law Firm. 

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