tilda-and-brian.JPGI had to phone Endeavor agent Brian Swardstrom since his buttocks are now world famous because of Tilda Swinton’s hilarious acceptance speech last night. (If you missed it, Swinton admired her Oscar and said, “I have an American agent who is the spitting image of this, the same shaped head and the buttocks. And I’m giving this to him because there’s no way I would ever be in America if it weren’t for him.” Then she mentioned Brian’s name.) Said Swardstrom: “That was very funny. I was there sitting in my seat, and I had no idea she was about to do that. I was just as surprised as everybody. But people don’t know how funny she is. They know her for playing cool characters.” (Actually, Tilda was about to say the word “ass” but then realized that this was American TV, so substituted the word “buttocks”.) Swardstrom is sheepish about the attention. “I’ve been getting harassed,’ he laughed. “I had 120 emails by the time I left the Kodak Theatre.”