Sony TV Gives Univision Go-Ahead For ‘Breaking Bad’ Adaptation

Univision jumped the gun on Friday when it announced during its upfront presentation that it has greenlighted a Spanish language adaptation of Breaking Bad — before there was a deal with series producer Sony Pictures Television. Now Sony TV is moving forward with the project, Metastasis, which the studio will co-produce with Teleset for Latin American audiences. The show has been cleared in most major Spanish speaking markets including Univision’s UniMas in the U.S.. Metástasis follows the story of an unassuming chemistry teacher who is given a fatal diagnosis and enters a world of drugs and crime, where he ascends to power. The cast includes Diego Trujillo as Walter Blanco; Roberto Urbina as Walter’s accomplice, Jose Miguel Rosas; Sandra Reyes as Walter’s wife, Cielo; and Julián Arango as Walter’s brother-in-law and Colombian narcotics agent, Henry Navarro. Sony has launched local productions of Married…With Children in 12 territories including Colombia, Israel and Bulgaria; Everybody Loves Raymond in five territories including the Middle East and Russia; and I Dream Of Jeannie in India.

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