UPDATE: Which Pilots Are Still Alive At CBS?

NCAA Men's Basketball Final on TBSUPDATE SUNDAY 9 AM: Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve learned more about what still is in play at CBS. The network is considering possible additional series pickups. The pilots in contention are dramas Backstrom, Reckless and NCIS: Red and comedies Friends With Better Lives and Bad Teacher. So far, CBS has picked up four comedies, two multi-camera (Mom, The Millers) and two single-camera (We Are Men, Crazy Ones). The pilots under consideration are one of each, multi-cam (Friends) and single (Bad Teacher). Additionally, I’ve learned that CBS is in discussion with Sony TV about both Jim Gaffigan and the Irish American family comedy pilot The McCarthys, which could undergo retooling/some reshots for future consideration. Sony TV also produces Bad Teacher, so, like at NBC, where the studio successfully completed a complex negotiations involving three pilots and Community, the indie studio is in another round of multi-project talks. Sony had the Beverly Hills Cop pilot at CBS, which didn’t go. It had a big penalty, which I’d guess would be factoring into the conversations. Of the other pilots, Backstrom and Friends are from 20th, NCIS: Red and Reckless from CBS TV Studios.  (more…)

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