Primetime Panic: Which Pilots Are Still Alive

In the onslaught of series pickups and passes over the past couple of days, it is hard to keep track of the pilots that have not been picked up to series, which are dead and which are still alive. It is still early to tell about CBS, which is not done yet picking up new series (pilots Backstrom and Friends With Better Lives are among a number which are still in contention). Additionally, CBS is shopping Beverly Hills Cop, which got a pass from CBS. And I hear the Jim Gaffigan comedy, which is not going for fall, will likely undergo reshoots. Here is a rundown of what pilots are still in contention (not for fall) at the other nets:

ABC: Comedy Bad Management is still alive, and ABC is looking for a way to make it. Dramedy Murder In Manhattan and comedy Pulling are dead at ABC but are being shopped by producer ABC Studios to cable networks.

NBC: Drama I Am Victor starring John Stamos and comedy Assistance starring Krysten Ritter are alive and will likely be retooled. Also still in contention is the Craig Robinson/Greg Daniels comedy pilot. Another comedy pilot, Brenda Forever, may undergo reshoots.

Fox: Comedy To My Future Assistant is alive and there is talk about switching it from single-camera to multi-camera. Nothing at the CW.

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