Big Media Could Win A Pyrrhic Victory As They Fight McCain’s Cable Pricing Bill

Let’s establish one fact before we look at the wheels that Sen. John McCain just set in motion with his new bill to end cable channel bundling (read it here). It won’t pass. This isn’t Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. And two things have changed since 2006, the last time the Arizona Republican tried — and failed — to promote a la carte cable pricing. He’s no longer on the Commerce Committee which likely would have to move the legislation forward. What’s more, his new Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 has a provision that would strip licenses from broadcasters who move programming to pay TV as Fox, CBS, and Univision have threatened if they lose their court challenge to streaming service Aereo. The provision ensures that the broadcast lobby will join cable to do everything in their power to defeat McCain’s bill. The National Cable & Telecommunications Association has already weighed in. Consumers “enjoy more choice than ever before,” it says adding: “In the face of such innovation and expansion, attempting to force retail models on private providers is unnecessary and counterproductive.” Regardless of what you think about the argument, McCain and his supporters can’t match the lobby groups’ muscle.

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