Music Power Primary Wave Lines Up $125M+ For Acquisitions

NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 9th, 2013) – Primary Wave Music, one of the largest independent music publishing, marketing and talent management companies in the United States, has finalized a new, expanded financial partnership with Credit Suisse and SunTrust Bank, who have both been financial partners with Primary Wave since 2006. The deal, valued in excess of $125 million, will provide the music entertainment company with greater flexibility for new acquisitions and consistent growth and will continue to financially fuel Primary Wave’s powerhouse, independent publishing company. Additionally, under this new deal, the financial institution partners will now also back Primary Wave’s expanding Talent Management business. Lawrence Mestel, Founder & CEO of Primary Wave Music, confirms this announcement today, which includes Primary Wave’s financial partners entering into a four year credit facility at favorable interest rates. Moreover, Primary Wave’s current management team will continue to own the largest block of interest in the overall company. (more…)

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