Oregon SAG-AFTRA Office Will Close Despite Pleas

SAG-AFTRA is holding firm to its decision to shutter the local union office in Oregon despite the pleas of Oregon’s SAG-AFTRA members and the Oregon Media Production Association trade group. SAG-AFTRA announced a nationwide restructuring last month, resulting in the closure of 10 of its 25 offices and the layoff of 60 staffers. The union said the move was necessary to help correct a $6 million structural deficit. The trade group┬ásays closure of the union’s local office would be detrimental to the state’s film industry. SAG-AFTRA responded below:

“We appreciate our positive collaboration with our many partners across the country, including the Oregon Media Production Association. Our members live and work daily in areas throughout the nation and globe, and we will never be able to establish or maintain brick-and-mortar offices in all of these locations. Despite this, and whether or not we have a physical office in a particular locale, we are still responsible for enforcing our contracts, and ensuring that claims and payments are made to our members. This restructuring effort focuses our staff in 15 major media markets around the country, and allows us to provide better and more effective services to all members, wherever they work. That is our goal and, with a better alignment of our limited resources, we expect to deliver on this goal more effectively as we move forward. We are responsible for enforcing our contracts, ensuring that claims and payments are made, and supporting our members.”

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