Vertigo Plans 'Horrid Henry' 3D Movie

Britain’s prolific production company (Streetdance 3D) is making a children’s movie next. It has teamed up with kid’s TV producer Novel Entertainment for a big-screen version of the Horrid Henry kid’s books. Nick Moore (Wild Child) is directing. Filming will take place October and November this year. Protagonist is handling international sales.

Horrid Henry is the most successful children’s literary character over here apart from Harry Potter. There’s been a long-running TV cartoon, a stage show and even a computer game. Author Francesca Simon has sold more than 16 million copies of her books in the UK alone. The series has also been published in 27 countries, including Spain, where the character’s known as Pablo Diablo, and Italy, where he’s called Rico Le Peste.

Search me as to why this one has to be 3D though – it’s just the story of a naughty little boy who plays tricks on his parents. Frankly, my kids urged me to put them down and read them something more interesting when they were small.

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