Carson Daly's 'Last Call' Hosed By NBC

carsondaly.jpgRemember how Carson Daly took all that abuse for going back to work as the host of Last Call during the writers strike? Well, I’ve confirmed with the network that NBC has thanked him by cutting his show’s budget and firing most of his writers. “This is obviously an NBC decision and it’s not his decision,” a source close to Carson complained to me. Specifically, the network confirm for me that this week it fired 9 Last Call employees, including 3 of the four writers whose contracts ran out during the strike. (The one scribe kept on still has 4 weeks remaining on his pact. The other 6 employees trimmed worked in other departments.) NBC sources insist that the Last Call budget cuts weren’t done because of the strike and would have made regardless of the WGA labor action. This, after the network threatened to cancel the 5-year-old show altogether unless Carson went back to work. Which just goes to show that, in Hollywood, no “good” deed goes unpunished. Daly still has two years more to go on his contract, and his New Year’s Eve special delivered its best-yet ratings — but karma can be a bitch.

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