Showtime Email Is The Talk Of Hollywood

Everyone is talking about a histrionic email detailing some scandalous behavior inside Showtime that was sent to that company’s personnel by “Anonymous” on Wednesday morning. Even though I’m assured by sources that the content of the email seems true, I haven’t been able to independently confirm all the allegations so I won’t post the email here or even name names. Yet there’s a telling message about how Hollywood really works and why it’s so unfair: that some “untouchable” people are protected by “the powers that be” at entertainment companies for no good reason while others far more deserving are sacrificed so easily after years of loyalty.

According to the email, the controversy erupted over a birthday dinner party that was paid for with a Showtime American Express card. Two weeks later, Human Resources was interrogating the execs who attended. Did some people at the party later panic when called down to HR and pressure others to lie? Did a central figure say, “I need you to protect me so I can protect you”? Did an exec “slither” his way up to someone’s office crying and profusely apologizing, “I can’t believe I did that to you.”? Did Showtime punish one of the participants but let off the real culprit “without so much as a slap on the wrist”? The email complains: “This is a disgusting excuse for a human being, who has made more enemies at every job he’s ever worked, accepts absolutely no culpability, and still he moves up the ladder. Crazy, the innocent get flushed down the toilet and the ruthless assholes move forward.”

Sure sounds like the Hollywood I know and love.

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