Bow Tie Cinemas Agrees To Buy Cablevision’s Clearview Cinemas

The deal includes Clearview‘s venues except for Manhattan’s famous Ziegfield Theatre — which Bow Tie will manage for Cablevision. The companies didn’t disclose a price for the deal. The acquisition of Clearview’s 41 theaters will make Bow Tie the nation’s No. 8 exhibition company. Clearview’s Chelsea Cinemas will become Bow Tie’s Manhattan flagship and will continue to be “a prime venue for iconic industry events” including the Tribeca Film Festival,” the company says. Bow Tie adds that it will “further develop the relationships between Chelsea Cinemas and the local community.” It also vows to pay for “key upgrades that are designed to enhance the movie-going experience” including digital and 3D projection. Cablevision bought Clearview in 1998 and put it on the block about a year ago. “It is not a strategic asset for us,” Cablevision CFO Gregg Siebert said at the time. Cablevision also has other fish to fry as it struggles to grow as it deals with tough competition from Verizon and AT&T for video, broadband, and phone customers.

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