Cancelled NBC Reality Series ‘Ready For Love’ To Finish Its Run Online & On VOD

Despite NBC‘s decision last week to pull low-rated new show Ready For Love from the schedule, the dating reality series will continue to run as scheduled, just not on the broadcast network. Instead of pushing the unaired episodes to summer, NBC is putting them on, VOD, Electronic Sell-Through (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, etc.) and Hulu. In all, three episodes of the serialized/competition show aired on NBC for the past three Tuesdays. Starting next Tuesday, April 30, a new episode will be made available until the finale on June 4. Keeping a weekly release is unusual for streaming of TV series, which is normally done through so-called binge viewing. But while that is reserved mostly for scripted series, Ready For Love‘s airing pattern will adhere to the one viewers are accustomed to for unscripted series.

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