Tribeca Film Institute Names 2013 Sloan Filmmaker, All Access Winners

UPDATES: The Tribeca Film Institute has chosen Newton’s Laws Of Emotion as the winner of the 2013 TFI Sloan Filmmaker Prize. The project will receive a $10,000 cash prize to help fund completion of the film. The Sloan prize is awarded to a project that has the most potential to succeed in fulfilling the program’s mission of advancing a greater public understanding of science. Newton’s Laws Of Emotion (Eugene Ramos, Screenwriter; Andeep Singh, Producer) follows a young Isaac Newton as he pursues the affections of a headstrong princess and seeks to uncover the principles of love using his new system of mathematics. However, his equations start to break down when her former lover enters the scene. TFI tonight also named the winners of the 10th Annual Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Awards presented by the Time Warner Foundation. The narrative The Lobbyists and the documentary (T)ERROR were selected from 11 projects based on the strength of their vision and filmmaking promise. Each project received $10,000 to help bring their films to completion.

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