Latest Xbox Version To Roll Out May 21

David Bloom is a Deadline contributor

Microsoft’s Larry Hryb said on his blog the May 21 announcement will be held on the Microsoft campus and be simulcast on Spike TV and Xbox’s online outlets. “On that day, we’ll share our vision for Xbox and give you a real taste of the future,” he wrote. The latest Xbox has been long expected as both Sony and Microsoft have moved to update their aging video game consoles, which also can stream online video and music content from sources such as Hulu Plus and Netflix, play DVDs and CDs and more. In February, Sony did an initial rollout of PlayStation 4, which showcased the games that will be available when it launches along with some technical details. That event was mostly targeting game developers, however, and did not specify a launch date, system specifications or price. Both companies are expected to hold more extensive rollouts of their new devices as part of the E3 video game trade show June 11-13 in Los Angeles.

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