Bruce Dern and Walton Goggins Surging, Amanda Bynes Disappearing?

imageA few actor developments that caught my eye this weekend…. Despite her frustration-filled weekend tweeting, I don’t believe Amanda Bynes is done with acting at age 24. Like most parents of now-college age kids, I endured hours of often insufferable Tollin-Robbins-produced Nickelodeon kid sketch shows. The charismatic Bynes, a regular in a bunch of those shows since age 10, always seemed the kid who’d best weather the rocky transition to adulthood and have a real career. She’ll be back, I predict… info27810837dec01153cce046c232e709bdBruce Dern has signed for a role in the movie version of The Big Valley that starts shooting with Jessica Lange and Travis Fimmel next month. This comes at a time when Dern just signed a new deal to¬† reprise in HBO’s Big Love, and as he, ex-wife Diane Ladd and daughter Laura Dern will get their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in the same ceremony. Dern seemed to have reached his peak playing the heavy in such 70s films as Coming Home, Black Sunday and The Great Gatsby. But a good actor can remain one and it’s nice to see a Dern resurgence…After galvanizing the first season of the FX series Justified with a character that morphed from avowed enemy of Tim Olyphant’s federal marshall Raylan Givens, into a not entirely trustworthy wingman, Walton Goggins will spend his hiatus time shooting at extraterrestrials. walton_gogginsHe’s joined the cast of the DreamWorks/Universal film Cowboys and Aliens, which shoots this summer with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig starring. Goggins, who’ll also be seen shortly in Fox’s Predators, will then hopefully reprise his Boyd Crowder character, since Justified was renewed for a second season.

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