Netflix CEO Says ‘Hemlock Grove’ Beat ‘House Of Cards’ In Early Viewing

Critics didn’t particularly like the 13-episode horror series that Netflix introduced Friday. But CEO Reed Hastings told analysts today that Hemlock Grove is “getting viewed by even more subscribers in its first couple of days” than House Of Cards was in February. Overall the company is “feeling very excited” about the original shows, which provide “a very nice redefinition and broadening of what Netflix is.” Even so, the political drama had “a nice impact but a gentle impact” on subscriptions. As a result, he doesn’t believe that the company will see a huge response right away next month when it offers 15 new episodes of Arrested Development. Although he considers it an “absolutely spectacular phenomenon” that’s “going to be great for us,” he adds that the company has “no history of it being a step function.” The CEO says that Netflix will have six or seven original shows this year and will “take that up next year” — though it has “no set number” of originals it wants to offer.

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