Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

NBC kicked off its Summer Press Day this morning in Pasadena with a panel hyping the forthcoming 10-episode Bravo reality show Princesses: Long Island. It centers on the lives of six college-educated women of privilege living with their upscale parents in Long Island. From the look of a brief clip that preceded the panel, it promises to be a typically catfighting excursion replete with profane interludes and nasty exchanges. However, it aspires to a more high-minded ideal, as exec producer and Bravo VP/production Christian Barcellos noted with a straight face that Princesses: Long Island follows in the same vein as “Jane Austen novels, Fiddler On The Roof, and John Hughes movies.” He explained after the panel, “What these girls are facing are timeless dilemmas, including pressures from their parents to get married, to find the right man, within the cultural constraints in which they live.” He added, “I think we’ve seen this occur time and again. This is a modern coming-of-age story.”