“Very Productive Day”: WGA-Mogul Talks

Even sick, I felt compelled to follow up on tips about the negotiations. A “very productive day,” I’m told, so good that one of my sources now says he’s “very optimistic” about a settlement soon. No, this isn’t a hoax, or Lucy pulling away the football, or any other conspiracy theory. Truly, progress is being made by the WGA leadership with the CEOs. Starting to sound like there’s an end to this strike and a real Academy Awards is possible. Talks continue tomorrow. (And in answer to your emails, yes, I also think that site spoofing DHD is very funny. I totally agree that it’s been ridiculous how much I’ve been ill lately. Thanks for all the get-well wishes.)

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2008/02/advisory-still-felled-by-flu-4782/